Romania-Getting ready for our Christmas Project

Oct 03, 2022

We are already working on our project. We get 9,000 presents to deliver to disadvantaged children in the Mountains of Transylvania.

We will keep you up to date with how it goes ..

Also, were asked to help a ministry that has workers in many countries in Europe, to train their leaders workers from 10 countries. (26 september -7th october ). After that we so look forward to re-start the weekly bible programs for children in the villages .

Ukraine- 14-19 November  leaving here 13 , stopping in Sibiu and from there to Ukraine , where we are hoping to bless people with Christian booklets and we hope to manage to get some food to go with that too. But also were asked by Christians in Erpin and Odessa to train Christians from churches there , so they could reach out to their neighbors . 

On a personal level , Estera encountered a medical issue with her right shoulder ,,cat scans and different procedures were done so far , and a surgery is recomended..just 4 days ago she had to have a double infiltration into the shoulder ..that costs a lot for us , and there was no way we could cover that unless you  sent us the last gift .

We are ever so thankful for getting help both in the ministry and personal level..

That giving  makes the work and life easier , especially in these times ..but that help us to keep moving .

How are you doing ? Your health ? How can we pray for you ? 


God bless you !
Such a privillege to train and invest in all those pastors and Christians workers ( ha..after getting the picture, we caught a volunteer that was not paying attention to training 😂 ).